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The WA Health Aboriginal Workforce Strategy 2014-2024 (the Strategy) (PDF 748KB) aims to develop a strong, skilled and growing Aboriginal health workforce across WA Health including clinical, non-clinical and leadership roles.

The Strategy builds upon the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Framework Business Plan 2008-2013 and will continue to focus, direct and consolidate WA Health’s Aboriginal workforce through initiatives that are sustainable over the long term.

Current Aboriginal employees play an integral role in assisting WA Health to achieve its targets by providing leadership and foresight. By working with the talented group of Aboriginal employees, WA Health will enhance its reputation as an employer of choice that is progressive, inclusive and socially responsible.

The key priority areas of the Strategy are:

  • attraction and retention
  • workforce skill development
  • workforce design
  • workforce planning and evaluation.

Critical to the success of the Strategy is the shared responsibility for its implementation. To achieve measurable outcomes in these key priority areas, area health services will collaborate with a range of stakeholders relevant to WA Health including but not limited to the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations, Aboriginal communities and other health providers.

A workforce that is culturally relevant and responsive to Aboriginal perspectives will create an environment where Aboriginal employees choose to stay and further their careers. WA Health is currently laying the foundation for a successful and sustainable workforce culture.

WA Health Aboriginal workforce target

To align with the WA Public Sector Commission Aboriginal employment target, WA Health is working towards 3.2 per cent of its workforce. To achieve this target, WA Health has set a goal of 100 additional Aboriginal employees each year.

Other state and national policies

The Strategy is informed by the current policy context to improve Aboriginal health outcomes. Key state and national policies include:


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