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Aboriginal Health

Aboriginal men's health

Aboriginal men often do not talk about their health. To admit to having a problem and to seek help can be considered a sign of weakness. As a consequence, problems are often not acknowledged until they become too serious to ignore. All evidence shows that Aboriginal men use preventative health services less often than any other group in Western Australia. There are very few specific services targeting Aboriginal men, and even fewer for young Aboriginal men aged 15–25 years. The Aboriginal Men’s Health Strategy provides guidance for WA Health to work in partnership with non-government organisations and communities to improve the health of Aboriginal men.

Guiding principles

The strategy aims to improve the health outcomes for Aboriginal men to ensure that they live long and healthy lives and is underpinned by the following principles:

  • Every male in Western Australia has the right to receive high-quality health care, regardless of their cultural background.
  • Acknowledgement that Aboriginal men do not engage with health services and this should be addressed in service delivery models.
  • A workforce that understands and addresses cultural links will provide improved health care for Aboriginal men.
  • Increased engagement with Aboriginal men, their families and communities will enhance the delivery of health services.

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